How to support your club and stay happily married for over 30 years!

In August 1982, when Mrs Reckless and I were still courting, I rang Lena from work one Friday morning and told her that Barnet were miles away that Saturday and instead of going I was taking her down to Weymouth that evening for the weekend where some dear friends owned a Hotel on the front called The Concorde. She was thrilled and told me she loved me and all that, putting her before an away game for once, she was all over me like a rash too.
Me and the Trouble and Strife 1982

I picked her up about 5 and we drove down in time to have dinner and hit a nightclub or two and go dancing with Paula and Bunny the hoteliers – its what people did then!. We got up early on the Saturday and were strolling down the big open promenade when she said “Look over there Hun there is a chap with what looks like a Barnet scarf on!” “Oh yeah I said, fancy a coffee?”. Five minutes later sitting outside the coffee bar she said “Hey there's another one!” “That is strange” I said. Two minutes later a couple of chaps came over and said “Alright Reckless you in the club bar before the game!” Penny dropped! I got away with it as she went shopping in Dorchester and I saw Weymouth 1-3 Barnet goals courtesy of Stewart Atkins 2 and Edwin Stein.

There wasn't too much payback as we are still married nearly 31 years later............that is how you do it.

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