The Bee "fan" in Australia is Andy Crosier and he recently met up with a Barnet legend Kenny Lowe......what a player!

Life long time Bees fan Andy Crosier emigrated to Brisbane in Australia in 2012 but still religiously follows the Bees on social media and Barnet Player. There he meet Veronica who became his wife in October 2013. Andy is now a Community Coach at his local club Brisbane Roar in the Australian A League, who also play in Amber and Black by the way, and last week they entertained Perth Glory managed by one of Andy's, and probably all Barnet fans of the era, heroes in Kenny Lowe.
It seems that Kenny was very chuffed to be contacted by Andy and met up with before the game to talk “Barnet”. The prized “selfie” and a signed 1991/2 Bees shirt can be seen below.
Kenny and Andy 

Shirt from 1992

Why was Kenny so special? Because he is arguably the finest creative midfielder Barnet has ever fielded and was the lynch pin of the side that eventually won the GM Conference trophy in 1991 and promotion to Division 2 in 1993. He was compared to Tottenham & England midfielder Glen Hoddle which was a fantastic compliment indeed but to us Barnet supporters Glen Hoddle was actually the Kenny Lowe of the First Division!

County Durham born in 1961 he was a long time target of Barry Fry and eventually signed for us in January 1991 for what was then a whopping £40,000 fee. This period saw other high profile players, the calibre of Nicky Evans (£20,000 from Wycombe) and Mark Carter (£40,000 from Runcorn), join or rejoin the club and basically dot the i’s and cross the t’s for the run in to the GM Conference title. Lowe’s first game for Barnet was on January 26th against Bath City at Underhill when the following team secured a comfortable 2-0 (Clarke and Durham) in front of 2,096.
Gary Phillips, Paul Wilson, Richard Nugent, Gary Poole, Geoff Cooper, Paul Richardson, Kenny Lowe, Harry Willis, David Tomlinson, Nicky Evans, Andy Clarke. Subs Gary Bull and Kevin Durham.
The above shirt worn by the Master

Andy asked him what were the circumstances leading up to him signing at Barnet "Well I was very happy at Barrow but the Chairman said we have had a big offer for you and we are going to have to sell. At first I dug my heals in and said I wasn't moving but when he told me it was Barry Fry I remembered the first time that I had met him. It was at Wembley after Barrow's FA Trophy win against Leek, this little fat man grabbed me and said, 'you are gonna sign for me one day'. I remember thinking who the f**k is that? It was Barry of course and I wish now that I had met him when I was 18 and not 29 because basically he turned me into what a call a 'proper' player".

Andy asked  if he remembered much about the game at Wycombe Wanderers that set up the title win on a very wet and windy night?
"I remember the whole team playing brilliantly on the night and I scored the third goal. Gary Bull had put us 2-0 up very early on"

Lowe was in the line up for the promotion 4-2 winning game at Fisher and his curling effort, which hit the bar, rebounded perfectly for Harry Willis to head the first goal. His corner was met by David Howell to score Barnet's second goal. He didn't score many himself but so vivid is the 35-yard curler against Halifax at Underhill as is the thunderous free kick at Gillingham. It seems that all his goals were special but then he was a very special player.

"Myself, Spike (Mark Carter) and Showls (Paul Showler) all trained without the team as we all lived in the North and had jobs. We used to meet up at a Service Station and share a car to games all over the country. It was crazy really but we all three of us loved playing for Barnet. Lots of big Egos but the whole team were great guys and some seriously talented individuals when you look at the list. Gary Bull, David Howell, Nicky Evans, Harry Willis, Gary Poole and my favourite, little Frankie Murphy. I loved playing alongside him”
Mark Carter scoring at Kettering with Kenny in pursuit

He continued “I also can recall very clearly the first game Barnet played in the Football League against Crewe when we lost 7-4. We all thought Barry Fry was going to burst when he walked into the changing room after the game but he calmly hung his flat cap up on a peg and said 'F**king hell, many more games like that and we will have to make the stadium bigger!'. He just loved entraining the public. The next game was 5-5 against Brentford and then the following week we beat Lincoln away 6-0”.

When asked about leaving he reflected “The Chairman Stan Flashman was an amazing character but also a very difficult man to work for. The club was in a serious financial situation and that was really tough because we felt we had a magnificent set of players had they stayed together but so many of them weren't getting paid. Spit (Gary Phillips) was having an extension built at his house and was living with a hole in his wall for 3 months until Barry I think helped him out. I was relatively Ok as I had a job alongside my playing but some of the lads were in dire straights. It was just the way it was at the time and I didn't want to leave”.

After that Summer of 1993 he joined Stoke City before linking up with Fry again at Birmingham City.After spells of player/managing at Gateshead and Barrow he joined Perth Glory FC in 2003. Firstly, even in his 40's, he starred as a player and then as Assistant Coach. He was given the Head Coach position in April 2013,

I have witnessed some imaginative midfielders the likes of Gerry Ward, John Margerrison and Nicky Bailey in my time as a Barnet supporter but Kenny Lowe was probably the most entertaining of all. With ball tricks, pinpoint 40 yard passes that any ordinary player could only dream about plus the ability to completely bamboozle a marker with a super fast body turn and flick of the ball reminiscent of Johann Cruyff at his peak. That ‘show-boat’ move is fairly commonplace nowadays but few players had mastered it like Lowe at the time. He is without doubt installed in my all time Barnet line up (and obviously Andy's too) and I suspect just about every other Barnet fans’ favourite line up who were privileged to witness the cool skills of Kenny Lowe at Underhill.
Kenny Lowe Appearances 75 Goals 7

The result from Brisbane? A 1-0 win for the Roar in front of around 14,000 which has put then top of the table!


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